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Jewelry and Accessories inspired by traditional and unique Island styles.

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The Nina Majuere Collection - Nina Majeure Collection, LLC @ nmcollection.com offers handmade fashion jewelry with a focus on styles from the Island Nations. Fashion Jewelry has traditionally been used to highlight a particular outfit or look, and here at The Nina Majuere Collection we strive to provide the feeling of exclusivity rather than similarity. Jewelry has been made for thousands of years and as of until late almost each piece has been unique and one of a kind. In today's culture it is more customary to find someone wearing a piece because someone else had wore it prior to them. The Nina Majuere Collection sees jewelry as not only a way to grab the eye of any passer by but also to display the uniqueness of the individual wearing it. Our pieces are made from genuine shells, coco beads, mother of pearls, wood beads, pearls, glass beads, sterling silver, alloy metals, and fabrics imported from the Island Nations.

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